Book Report - 2/16

  • Revised and updated the headline prediction (aka Preemptive Headline Prediction or Eerily Edition or I Wrote the News Today, Oh Boy), including a variation which flips the given presentation around in a way that strikes me as funny.
  • Worked on the handling for Talisman aka The Shadow of the Shallow End. Part of the challenge of writing the book is to come up with handlings that are strong and will work in any given situation. This is in contrast to a lot of the methods I use in casual performances which are like, "Drop it behind the couch when no one is looking."
  • Reached out to the publishing company to talk about some different options in regards to materials used for the book itself and for some formatting assistance. It's funny the way that -- when they're unformatted -- the contents can look like a high school book report. But then when you get the proper size and fonts and margins and all that, it looks like On the Origin of the Species or some legit book. A legit book with a dollar bill to vagina trick in it (now with illustrations).