Great To See The Pendragons Performing Together Again


I went with a buddy to an early showing of Jurassic World today. I give it a B+. Then we went to Hooters and I got some buffalo shrimp and french fries. Hooters buffalo shrimp isn't the worlds greatest seafood, but as far as a delivery system to your mouth of salt, grease, and ranch dressing, it's hard to beat. I give that meal a B+ too. So, so far it's been an A+ day. (Look, you have to learn to have A+ days without needing to have A+ experiences all the time. That's the secret to happiness.)

Tonight I'm going to Coney Island with a friend and then we're coming back to my apartment. I plan to show her a new(ish) presentation for a word reveal called the Perverted Pre-Adolescent Presentation. I did it once before, about a year ago and it went over ok, but not great. Something reminded me of it this weekend so I thought I'd give it another shot. I've made some adjustments to the presentation since the first time I did it and I'll let you know how it goes over. 

See you on the flippety flip.