Coming in JAMM #6

First off, next week is my summer break from this site. Regular posting will start again on July 10th. 

During that time JAMM #6 will come out and it features two effects that have moments that are as strong as anything in magic. Not hyperbole.

The first trick is called Panther Across the Sky. This comes from myself and Tomas Blomberg. There was this trick that was out there and I'd seen mentioned in a couple different places, and it sounded phenomenal. But when I would describe the effect to people they would get very close to guessing the method. They didn't have the exact method, but they had something pretty close, and if they were to research the method they guessed, it would lead them to the reality behind what happened. I'm being vague here, I know. Tomas came to me with a different way to get into the effect which I tweaked a little as well and it now makes the effect absolutely impenetrable. On top of that, I'm going to give you two different presentations for it. One is a kind of benevolent, hopeful presentation. The other is the biggest mindfuck in all of magic history. Again, not hyperbole.

I'm going to ask you when you read it to really try and put yourself in the position of the spectator and imagine this unfolding in front of you and how much it would genuinely shake your understanding of reality.

See... you still think I'm exaggerating. You'll find out I'm not. I had to expose the trick the last time I performed it because my friend was so rocked by it. I could tell she was flipping out and I was like, "Oh, it's okay. It's okay. Really. It's just a trick." I promised and swore to her that it wasn't real. "That cannot be a trick," she said. "It's literally impossible for that to be a trick." And I could not get her to settle down, even after slapping her repeatedly like in old movies. No... I didn't really do that, but she was genuinely flipped out to the point where I had to tell her every detail of how it was done to keep her emotionally stable.

Yes, quite a build up, I know. You'll see in JAMM #6 coming the sixth of July to subscribers.