Sundry Drive No. 10

In regards to Monday's trick, a few people emailed me to ask what a "thumper" is. What are you, dumb or something? You are dumb? Oh perfect, then you'll appreciate this description taken from Mentalism for Dummies.

We're always counseled to make our sleights look as close to the real action as possible. What I mean is, we're told if we do a double lift it should look as close to the normal mechanics of turning over a card as it can. But then we abandon that level of verisimilitude with our presentations. I think your presentations should be just as realistic.

You know how some people will perform a trick and the presentation they will use is that of a "sobriety test"? Well, if you do that I think you should really take it all the way. When the person "fails" the test you should grab their collar and slam them against the wall. "You drove here today, you sick bastard? My fucking children are out on those streets, goddammit!" And then you should knock some of his teeth in.

I really think people need to be more precise with the names they give their effects. Like some people call things The Levitating [Something] when really it's just The Floating [Something]. Also, this trick is called Countless Cookies, when really it should be called Eleven Cookies, or, based on this performance, Genuine Nightmare Material. 

By now everyone is onboard the Rob Zabrecky train. It's clear he is doing great work with a strong style and original perspective. But I want to take the opportunity to pimp his old band, Possum Dixon. Back in the mid-90s, you were probably too busy listening to Hootie and the Blowfish, you bland honky, so you likely missed out on Rob's band. If you like alt-rock/power-pop, do yourself a favor a track down some of his music. Here is one of my favorite songs from their final album (with magic-related cover art).