Mystery Solved

I got an email asking what is in the upper-left corner of The JAMM covers.

It's her...

Who's that? 

Beats me. I found her on the cover of this British magazine for teen girls from the 60s.

Why is she on The JAMM?

I dunno. I just like her.

Plus, when I first started, I didn't know what the JAMM would become. At that time I thought I might have articles like "PERFUME TIPS FOR A MORE KISSABLE YOU" and "COLOUR PICTURES OF OUTFITS TO MAKE YOU PRETTY IN THE RAIN 'N' SNOW."

Little did I know that those who subscribed to the JAMM have a natural beauty that makes them kissable and pretty (in the rain 'n' snow) because they're supporting this site. So those articles weren't needed.

If you're a "go-ahead" magician, you can subscribe to The JAMM here