Coming in the JAMM #1

One of the rules I tried to adhere to when I was writing the X-Communication newsletter was to not review something unless I had personally performed it (or at least seen it performed by someone else in real life). There were a few times where I couldn't—and sometimes where a trick was so fundamentally flawed I didn't need to do it—but for the most part I did and it always led to better reviews which were informed not just by my opinion of the trick/method, but my experience performing it. I will try to keep that up with the reviews in the JAMM as well, if for no other reason than that actually performing the effects makes it easier to write about them. And it often allows for the evolution of a presentation that is more in line with my style .

Late last year there was a really offbeat effect put on the market with a super clever gimmick behind it. After playing with it and performing it a few times (and getting really good reactions), I came up with an alternate presentation that has been getting even better reactions. You'll find my review and handling for the effect— which is in my top 3 of the year—in the JAMM #1.

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