Book Update

I haven't been providing daily updates on the book status recently not because I've fallen off the pace, but because I've actually been very much on top of things and haven't needed the procedure of making daily updates to keep me on track. 

The illustrations are rolling in and look amazing; a couple of the included props are being created as I write this; the iphone app is on schedule; I've received permission from Simon Aronson and John Bannon to explain some of their concepts that I've built on in the book. There are 10-12 brand new effects, including some of my most practical impromptu routines I've done 100s of times, as well as some more unusual effects -- like one that takes all night to perform (most of it happening while your spectator is asleep), and one where a thought of meal appears in your oven. The book itself is used as a prop in a couple of effects, including one where you hand the book to someone, they read a few pages that guide them along a mental procedure until they're imagining something, and then that idea in their mind, an illustration in the book, and reality all overlap in this weird way for what I think will be a pretty amazing climax. 

When will it be ready? As originally proposed, it should be somewhere around the year anniversary of this site (in May), give or take a little bit. I'm taking my time with it to make it the best magic book you own. So I'm not rushing it, but it's on track. It will be released -- like everything I do -- when I can answer yes to these questions:

Those are the questions that guide my life.