Smurf Job

MAGIC magazine is dead. I give Genii about three more months. Meanwhile, the JAMM is the fastest growing magic magazine of 2017. And why? Well, probably because I had zero subscribers at the start of 2017 so any amount constitutes an infinitely large growth rate, percentage wise.

But I also think it's because I'm willing to tackle the subjects people really want to read about, not the typical magazine dross.

Some dull article about the acts on America's Got Talent six weeks after I ignored that information on iTricks? No thanks.

An 8-page review of some Stewart James biography or something? Ugh... they still make Ambien, right? So what would ever compel me to read that article?

No... I'm not just trying to fill pages so I have something to attach ads to. I search out the stories that matter to you. 

For example in JAMM #5 I will be reviewing a routine called "Smurf Job" from Flirtic Vol. 7. (I'm linking you to an archived version of the page because I fear someone at Penguin might sober up and think, "Uh.... wait... is this something we should have on our site?")

Here is the description of "Smurf Job":

While playing pool in a pool hall, you let the girl give you a handjob and then cum into her hand!!! Yes, this is a magic trick. ;-)
Not R-rated. This is fun. (no human penis being harmed in this effect LOL).
* This will lead into the topic of sex in no-time...and her thinking about sex with you!

Did I stick to my rule of trying out every trick I review? Yes.

Was it almost impossible to find single women in a pool hall that I wanted to get "thinking about [having] sex with [me]!" Absolutely. 

I'll break that ad copy down line-by-line and give my performance experiences with Smurf Job in the next issue of The Jamm. Cumming next Tuesday.