Look who's a big boy! 

Today this site turns two. 

What are the milestones for a two-year-old? I looked them up, here's what it says:

At Two Years Old
All children develop at different speeds, but here’s a guide to the exciting things your child might be doing around now:

  • Riding a scooter or tricycle
  • Saying three word sentences or more
  • Dressing themselves with easy clothes
  • Singing to themselves
  • Being clingy one minute and fiercely independent the next.

This fucking sounds just like me. I say three word sentences "or more" all the time! (I guess that's true of most people.) And yeah, I did have to call 911 after getting tangled up in my pants. But when it comes to dressing myself in "easy" clothes, I feel I pretty much have that mastered.

So I'm glad to hear I'm on track. And I'm happy that it doesn't say anything about not pooping my pants at this stage. I gots to keep poopin' those trousers, baby! It's the only time I feel alive.

So what does the future hold for this site? Well... it's definitely going to continue on through 2017 and then we'll see what happens. I have the content to keep it going for quite a while, and it will likely continue in some way as long as there is an audience willing to support it.

As I wrote in my post after the one-year anniversary of this site:

[M]y plan is just to continue the trajectory we've established here. Continue talking about magic, posting routines and ideas, theory and criticism, jokes and bullshit. And, from time to time, post about larger topics as well, including thoughts on crafting experiences; creating long-lasting memories; the value of surprise; and using magic to cause happenings, capture moments, and bring you and the people you perform for closer together (as opposed to the all-too-common view of magic as an art that engenders a greater divide between performer and audience).

And I want this site to continue to be an example of a way of life that I advocate. It's a benign style of hedonism that values day-to-day happiness and small pleasures above all else -- not just appreciating these things, but investing energy into cultivating them. Here it's demonstrated via my relationship to magic and the people I perform for. But that is just one example of a larger philosophy that I espouse.

And that continues to be the plan.

No ad tomorrow. 

See you Friday.

Make a wish.