The GLOMM - Part Two

I've heard your clamoring and I've created some GLOMM banners of various sizes for you to put on your social media and your business website (you'll probably want to put the logo on your business cards and other promotional material too). Please only do so if you adhere to the Code of Ethics as described at the bottom of this page

The first is simple and soon to be classic. I suspect there will come a time when, if this logo isn't on someone's site, you will hear a lot of, "Oohhhhhh... was this guy kicked out of the Global League of Magicians & Mentalists? Uhh.... yeah... thanks but no thanks, pal."

The second implies a little more as you label yourself a "member in good standing." Those in the know will say, "Ah, I understand what that means. We can have him around the kids. It's okay."

And finally, the third banner really spells it out for people.

Also, the first handful of membership kits were sold yesterday. I applaud the bold few who picked one up. You are truly on the vanguard of a new era in magic. Those will go out Thursday. (With the exception of my 3XL brother. Your shirts are being printed as part of a new run which should hopefully be completed next week.) These aren't some iron-on transfer bullshit shirts. They're screen-printed by hand, color by color, at this cool little t-shirt company run out of a small, old brick factory building in upstate NY. And I didn't get a ton of any one size initially (or any 3XL or 4XL) so there may be short delays to fill an order if/when a size runs out.