The Magician's "Response to Tragedy" Library

After the attacks in Belgium last week, I began thinking about Shin Lim and the video he made after the Paris attacks last year.

What better way to pay your respects to the victims of a tragedy than to make it about yourself? 

Well, now you can do it much faster and easier with a new project I've started called, The Magician's "Response to Tragedy" Library. I've created a library of 8000 videos (and growing) that allow you to post a response to almost any tragedy that occurs within moments of it occurring. Earthquake in Dubai? We've got that. Plague of frogs in Kansas? We've got that too.

How does it work? You just subscribe to the service and anxiously await something terrible to happen. When a suicide bomber takes out a pie-eating contest (for example), I will take our response video to that tragedy, add your contact info at the beginning and end, then upload it to youtube and facebook.

All you have to do is sit back and collect the likes.

See the sample clips below for three different potential tragedies.