Guys, I'm Totally a Spencer!

I was emailed a link to this quiz which let's you know which member of Criss Angel's Supernaturalists you are. I know you've been itching to find out. 

It seems like it wouldn't be that difficult to figure out which member you are.

Do you have a vagina? You're Krystyn Lambert!

Are you talented? You're Banachek!

Do you have wildly low self-esteem? You're Criss Angel!

Are you some bland hanger-on who secretly can't stand Criss? You're everyone else!

I took the quiz and got this result.

Yes!! This is convenient because I had already come up with the title for this post.

They got me pegged so good! I'm such a Spencer. We have the same taste in shirts. And I have the identical leather shawl to keep me warm when it's chilly outside. My lipstick is a shade darker, but it's pretty close. 

The Supernaturalists is, of course, Criss Angel's Crissangelfied version of the show The Illusionists.



It asks the magical question, "What would happen if The Illusionists had a gift certificate to Hot Topic in 1999?" They genuinely look like they were being chased through a garage sale at the pickup artist Mystery's house and that is the stuff that just fell on them in the mayhem. Seriously, at this point making fun of Criss Angel's corny style is itself outdated. I was doing that shit 10 years ago on my old site. But please, you guys, stand up to him. Tell him this shit is hokey. For fuck's sake, Banachek looked better when James Randi was dressing him.

I'm not going to talk any more shit about them. I know they feel embarrassed enough already. 

I'm thinking of doing my own rip-off of The Illusionists. Just trying to get the funding to make it happen. It's going to star the Magic Cafe staff. The Delusionists. Anyone know where I can get leather pants in Steve Brooks' size?

Here's a fun quiz to figure out which member of the Cafe staff you are.