Three Quick Administrative Notes

1. The update to the Jerx app with the Wisdom of Crowds word reveal should be available today, or very soon. Remember, if you're ever lost in the app, swipe two fingers to the right to get to the menu. From their you can get to the instructions and routines page for the app which has been updated with this new mini-trick. There are now about a dozen different effects using the app described on that page.

2. This is only important if the following things are true of you:

a) You started a month-to-month subscription to the JAMM sometime after January of this year.
b) Getting the Jerx Deck is important to you.

If those things are true then, at some point, you'll want to convert your monthly subscription to a purchase of the full year of The JAMM. 

How do you do that? You go into paypal and find out how much you've spent on The JAMM, you subtract that from $120 (the cost of the full year subscription) you paypal me the difference ( and you cancel your monthly payments. That will get you the issues you missed, the three to come, and the Jerx deck.

There is no hurry to do this, and it's only an issue if getting The Jerx Deck was part of the reason you subscribed.

3. If you ever asked me a question over email and I said that I would write a post with my response and I failed to do so, let me know. I don't just say that to put it off, I say it because I think I might have something to say on the subject that is of interest in general.

You may remember a few months ago I lost my list of upcoming post ideas due to some gmail sketchiness. So some of those things I had planned to write about are lost in the ether.

This is a general message as well. If you're expecting to hear from me about something, or are expecting something in the mail and I don't get back to you, don't hesitate to get in touch. Some things slip through the cracks. And sometimes I think something is being done by one of the people who help out with the site and there's a miscommunication. But regardless of the reason, don't hesitate to remind me of something. I don't like to have unclosed loops.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Eat some candy. Don't be a dumb idiot. Sugar is GOOD for you.