Help An Idiot Win An Award... Again!

Guys, it's that time again. Time for you to make your nominations for the not-even-close to being annual Magic Cafe Golden Idiot awards. Also known as The Brooksy. This is the time when we celebrate the dumbest people on the Magic Cafe. It's an embarrassment of riches. I launched the Brooksy Awards back in 2004. The winner that year was Djvirtualreality. A true bonehead of the highest order.

But Djvirtualreality has held that honor long enough, so it's time we crown a new Golden Idiot. That's where I need your help. Here is how it works, paraphrased from the original nomination post many years ago...

I'm going to open my e-mail box to suggestions as to who is the dumbest member of The Magic Cafe forums. What I'd like you to do is nominate a person and give two or three examples of why you believe this person to be the supreme idiot. I'll gather these suggestions and narrow the field down to five and have a big nominee announcing post. Then people will be able to vote for those nominees for a certain period of time, and eventually we'll have a winner. The winner will receive $100 cash. They will also be given the opportunity to write an acceptance speech that I will post here for all to read. 

So send in your suggestions for who should be the next winner of The Magic Cafe Golden Idiot award. Cafe staff member are not eligible to win as they would run away with the competition. Any posts that you reference in your nominations should have been made before 3:00 AM EDT 7.28.2015.