Friends of the Jerx: Jean-Thomas Sexton

["Friends of The Jerx" is where I highlight people who have contributed to this site, the projects they're involved in, or the subjects they're interested in.]

Friend of the site, Jean-Thomas Sexton, has just released the first volume in what he foolishly thinks will be a monthly online video project called Snake Magic Monthly. I know what you're thinking, "Sweet Christ, do we really need another project devoted to magic you can do with your pet snake? I've read Addercadabra. I've read Aspercadabra. I've read Abradacobra. I've got more versions of Three Card Monte Python than I can shake my ding-dong at. I'll pass." Don't worry, friends, this is not another tired project devoted to "snake magic," but something much more exciting: magic with playing cards! I've been saying since forever that people should do magic with these things. Am I spelling that right? Playing cards? Is it cards or cerds? (I've only heard it spoken.) Either way, it's clear from this first issue that Jean-Thomas is a very capable card (cerd) magician.

For $6.66 you get an 11-minute, no frills video. (Keep that in mind if frills are your thing.) It's shot in the type of environment where I imagine most magicians spend their time: an empty room with bare white walls, industrial carpeting on the floor, and the only adornment is a half-scale model of R2-D2. I've seen snuff films set in less depressing locations.

In those 11 minutes, Jean-Thomas teaches versions of three classic card effects tied together into a chilled-scrotum-tight set. In fact, that's what I liked most about this download, the thinking that went into the routining of these effects together. Everything is bound together so the first and second effect falsely reinforce conditions for the final effect. And that final effect, Pavlov's Cat, is my favorite one. It's what everyone has been begging for, another ace assembly, but the vanish of the aces is so convincing (and so well set up during the previous effects) that it fooled me pretty good when I watched it.

I'm a big supporter of anyone trying anything new or different in the current magic landscape. I liked it when Penguin started doing weekly online-lectures, I liked the idea behind the Real Secrets project, and I love this site called The Jerx which is redefining magic. So I would encourage you to check out the first issue of Snake Magic Monthly if you have the dough to spend, especially if you're into card magic (and you do need a decent foundation in card magic to understand the download). You may find some material, some moves, or a new voice in magic that you enjoy and you'll know to hop onto future issues. Worst case scenario is that it's not for you and you're out 6 bucks. What can you get for 6 bucks these days? A blow job? Wait...really? Where do you live?