Old School Street Magic

Who do you model your street magic style after?

Is it the casual, enigmatic style of David Blaine?

Is it the approachable, hip-hop influenced style of Dynamo?

Is it whatever this style would be considered?

Well, for me, there is only one name that is synonymous with hard-core street magic. And when I pop on my freshest pair of kicks and head out to amaze the locals with my vital, exciting brand of live, in-your-face, miracles, there is just one man I'm trying to emulate.

You KNOW I'm talking about my main mofo Jim Stott.

And here's a guarantee you can take to the bank when you buy Jim Stott's Ultimate Street Magic Kit.

This ain't yo daddy's street magic kit!

It's your granddad's!

You can get a taste of Jim's street style in this video for his kit.

Oooohhh baby! Now just imagine that understated midwestern pleasantness... taken to the streets!

The Street Magic Kit, by the way, is incredible. It has all the standard stuff, but also some hard candy and a little container of Metamucil. And an essay on why proper penmanship is still important. "A nice young lady isn't going to be won over by a love letter sent over one of those damned e-computers." He's got a point.

The tricks are fine, but it's the tips he gives that offer the most value. Things like how to deliver the proper bone-crushing handshake and what you should wear when you perform. (A sweater, in case it gets chilly out there. And for the love of Pete, tuck in your darn shirt!)

And yeah, like most street magicians, Jim's a bit of dog. He loves the ladies. And you know he doesn't turn a blind eye to the seductive powers of magic. Many of these tricks can be used to get into them panties.

I give the Ultimate Street Magic Kit 5 stars.

Ok, but did you really buy it, Andy?

Uh...hell yeah I did. I'm the guy who was trying to put coins under the shells for the shell game.

You might think that makes me an idiot, but my Pop-Pop thinks otherwise.

Thanks to Jim Stott for releasing this product and providing us with his insights on working the unforgiving urban areas, the ghettos, the projects, the hardscrabble streets of this wonderful country.

I'll close with this inspiring pic of Jim bringing some raw street magic to a violent gangbanger in Compton, California.