Another GLOMM Booting

Daniel Kamenicky aka Dan the Magic Man has been kicked out of the GLOMM because he likes to take voyeur videos of girls between the ages of 6 and 10. 

I want to thank those of you who submitted this story to me. I heard from almost a dozen people about this creep. Good. You are all deputized to keep the GLOMM pervert free.

He's taken down all his social media and his website is no longer available either. But you can find an archived version on Did we overlook any signs? I don't know. Maybe it's just hindsight, but I find this question on his FAQ page a little telling.

Let's break that down and see how that question and answer might transpire in real life.

Client: So how much space do you need to perform?


Client: Huh? What? That's not even what I asked.

Dan: Just put me in the basement with the kids. Pleaaaaase! I mean... no reason why. It's a lighting situation. I project lights on the wall. You know that old thing that we magicians are always doing at kids shows; projecting lights on the walls like we're introducing the starting lineup for the Charlotte Hornets. So...yeah... I guess just put me in the basement with the kids while the adults chat and drink wine upstairs. Good idea.

Client: I asked how much space you need.

Dan: Ok, fine, whatever. 10 feet. Hey, if the basement doesn't work, you know another great place to watch a magic show? The back of my van.

For those who are new to the site, the GLOMM is the Global League of Magicians & Mentalists. An organization I founded so I could kick people out of it. It's the largest magic organization in the world. Everyone with an interest in magic is automatically a member unless they're a sex criminal or an asshole. There's also an "elite" level membership which is the official unofficial Jerx social organization for people who want to support this site. 

The concept started as a ludicrous anti-piracy measure for The Jerx, Volume One because I want to protect it as much as possible for the people who ordered the book. Every copy of that book is individually identifiable in a way that is essentially unobservable unless you know what you're looking for, so if a copy shows up on a piracy site, I'll kick that person out of the GLOMM and their name will be tossed on the banned members list which makes no distinction between if a person was kicked out for a heinous crime or just for being a dick to me. And then I'll hire an SEO expert to make sure that page is one of the first results for people searching their name. I'm an animal.

That's how it started, but the GLOMM will actually outlive us all.