Book Report - 2/2

I updated one section of the book release page today and I wanted to highlight it here just because it's a point I want to make clear:

The most important thing to keep in mind if you're a fan of this site is that buying the book isn't just your way to possess a book. You buying the book directly translates into more content for this site. I think people tend to project a more traditional business model on this enterprise. As in, "I see. He writes that blog so he has an outlet to get people to buy his book." But that's backwards. I don't write this site so I can sell books on it. I'm selling books so I can write this site. I take any money I make through this site and use it to "hire myself" -- to buy my time to work on this site (time that would otherwise have to be spent on other freelance work).

This blog is the thing. That's why we're here. It may be the brain in my head, the heart in my chest, and the diamond-hard 100% all-beef thermometer in my jeans that is responsible for the content, but without you guys and girls supporting it, it wouldn't be here. So I really appreciate those of you who have bought (or will buy) the book and those of you who will pick up some of the other things I'll be releasing as time goes on. Your support allows me to do what I do best.

Like find gifs that capture the true wonder of magic:

Identify products you can buy to add mystery and enchantment to the lives of you and your loved ones:

And post ONLY the hottest pictures of the sexiest ladies in magic.

Today's Work:

  • Continued work on the opening essay on presentation, clarifying concepts and putting things into actionable steps.
  • I tried formatting some of the content into what it will actually look like on the page and realized I have planned to include far more material than will actually fit into a 300-400 page book. It's a good problem to have, I suppose, I'm just not sure what stays or goes at this point. If I was in the opposite predicament -- if I only had 80 pages of content, I mean -- my plan was to end the book with 220 blank pages with the word "Notes" at the top. You know, for notes.