Proposed Names for JAMM Covergirls

I like some of these, but don't love any. 

"JAMM Majokko"  has a nice sound/rhythm
Jean Marie B.
[It does sound nice, but too obscure.]

How about calling each of them a JAMM Miss? Then there's the obvious joke of putting them on you before you sleep.
Brandon T. 

I think something along the lines of the JAMM Janes or the JAMM Jenny's might be a fitting name for the cover models... Either one of the J names were somewhat popular in the 60s, 70s (which echoes the awesome retro vibe of the mag) It also makes them sound like they'd have Daddy issues and just need to get out of this God forsaken town... 
Justin G.

JAMM Muffins (same problem as tarts?)
JAMM Kittens. Everyone likes kittens.
Chris H.

I suppose if Tart is derogatory, then JAMMETTE would be way over the top: 
- Christopher C.

As for the monthly centerfolds, it's got to be 'JAMM Tarts' surely!  
- Jon S.

The JAMM Center-Tears

- Thomas J.
[If Center-Tears is a play on Centerfolds, that's pretty clever. If it's just a euphemism for a vagina, that's awful, and also pretty clever.]

In reference to the two cats in your artwork…
Which is of course a reference to The Jinx…
Without further ado…
Pussycats.  (Perhaps derogatory?)
Maybe this makes JAMM Tart a viable option.
Kerry D.

How about JAMM-Role Models.
This is terrible and barely a pun.
But in my defense they are models.
It conveys something of the inspirational role that JAMM plays.
I think you might call the same thing 'a jelly roll' - which makes it even worse.

- Dan R.
[Yeah, swing and a miss on that one.]

Right now "bunny" is still the leader in the clubhouse. It may be the most obvious, but that could be due to the fact that it's the perfect combination of magazine model and magician reference. Although I'm still taking suggestions.

If I had thought more about it, I would have only chosen women from the Iroquois Indian tribe. Then I could call them JAMM-Iroquois.