Real Magic?

I talk a big game on this site about magic and the power of a really well executed effect, and how giving people a magic experience is just about one of the most unique gifts you can give someone. In my writings, I suggest that there's some value to witnessing something extraordinary, and that it's worth it to put in the effort to give people that experience. But what about me? How do I react to being really fooled? Well, it's time to come clean. This is all an act on my part. Magic is just something I use to get some pussy. And on the rare occasions I'm fooled by something, I'm not like, "Oh, thank you for this grand example of amazement." I'm just like, "Oooh, daddy, tell me how it's done. Secret secret. Gimme gimme!"

I mention this because I'm in a bind. I've watched the video of this bottle production 100 times and I can't figure out where the damn bottle comes from.

Seriously, how is he doing this?

One second, the bottle isn't there. And then the next second... well, not the exact next second... but a few seconds later the bottle is there.

I'm just like...


Can someone please tell me where that bottle came from? Please. Please!

I've slowed the video down, taken it frame by frame, but I have no clue. 

I think it may be tied to his deft use of misdirection. The way he mimes the scissors and looks out into the audience to suggest, "Hey, I need some scissors. Do any of you have scissors? No. Probably not. That's okay. I brought my own." Then he looks off-stage right like, "Hey, maybe someone over there has my scissors." Then he pats his right jacket pocket as if to say, "Maybe my scissors are there." Then he pats his right pants pocket and left pants pockets as if to say, "No. My scissors weren't in the my right jacket pocket. Maybe they're in my pants pocket." Mind you, none of this is spoken, it's just brilliant subtext skillfully delivered by a genius performer. Picking up where we left off, he now reaches into his inside jacket pocket, like maybe the scissors are in there. "No," his face suggests, "the scissors aren't there. But fuck it, how many more pockets can I possibly have?" With that, he checks the breast pocket of his jacket. The look on his face says, "Maybe my first instinct was right. Maybe they're offstage somewhere. That seemed like a dumb assumption at the time, but certainly I wouldn't be patting all these pockets and not finding shit if I had those scissors on me, right?" Then he smoothly shifts the balloon into his right hand, reaches into his left jacket pocket, fiddles around for a moment and... I guess removes a pair of scissors? That part I didn't quite get, honestly. But he must have because something popped the balloon and, miraculously, without too much of a gap after the balloon burst, a bottle has appeared FROM FUCKING NOWHERE!!!!!!!

Now, that sequence above, which only takes a scant uncomfortable 10 seconds to perform, is related to Juan Tamariz's "Crossing the Gaze" technique. It's called Clusterfucking the Gaze, and it's quite effective, and psychologically invisible. If you asked that audience if there was any awkward moment before the bottle appeared, I'm sure they'd say, "No. Well... there was a moment where I dozed off, so something could have happened then. But nothing I specifically remember before I was awoken by the sound of that balloon popping."

I'm beginning to suspect it was a camera trick. It had to be, right? There's no other way. If this isn't a camera trick I will give $1800 for the secret (and exclusive performance rights).

Thanks to Magic Transcribed, a twitter account that transcribes only the best magic, for the video.