Coming In JAMM #8

From: Nurse Andy's First Trick in JAMM #8

What I’ve been trying to do recently is apply these two ideas to all the classic effects I know: Card in Pocket, Ambitious Card, Triumph, etc. Any card effect I’ve ever used on a somewhat regular basis in impromptu situations, I’m trying to find the presentation that both points to a greater concept and does so in a way that the effect feels like a manifestation of that concept.

I've found this allows me to create a greater impact from more immersive effects even in impromptu situations.

What follows is the result of applying these techniques to Doc Daley’s Last Trick.

Nurse Andy's First Trick (a name that will likely change) is my current favorite impromptu card effect. It takes the concentrated moment of astonishment in Doc Daley's Last Trick and allows it to reverberate for much longer. Sometimes, literally, months into the future.

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