Sundry Drive No. 12

For the second time this summer, Spencer Horsman, from Criss Angel's traveling ensemble magic show, has needed to be rescued from one of his escapes. You can read about it here

Spencer, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but you are apparently not good at escaping things. Is Criss trying to kill you? Why does he let you remain on the show? At the very least he should have you doing something different. Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you do that thing where you fold a circle of felt into different hats? That seems like it might be more your speed. No, actually, forget that idea. I just had a very vivid image of you accidentally strangling yourself with the ring of felt while trying to fold one of those hats. I don't want to be responsible for that. 

Well, at any rate, Criss Angel's show, The Supernaturalists, or, as it's known in the industry, "No Refunds," will be touring the eastern half of the US over the course of the next couple of months. 

When your stupid wizard parents force you to make the bed.

The editing is great, but the acting is perfect.

Also, let's put our heads together and figure out how to make this effect work in real life. 

Everyone is upset because the trick Phantom, by Peter Eggink, is apparently a major dud. Someone let them know that I solved this problem with the Jerx Purchasing Principle, 7 days into the writing of this site.

Here's a couple creepy virgins flipping their shit because there was a woman in a low-cut dress in the demo for Rick Lax's Rip and Fold trick. 

I weep for any post-pubescent women who come within leering distance of these dumb dildos. For them a titty might as well be Halley's comet. They only see one every 76 years and likely through a telescope. 

I'm going to offer you two a tip: Don't buy Chris Philpott's French Postcards effect. It will be much less impressive that a spectator can discern the "sexy" postcards from the normal ones, when the sexy ones are caked in your dry, crusty cum.

Ugh... I hate to bring this up so soon after the guy's wedding, and especially in light of the Danny Cole/Justin Willman thing. But it looks like Joshua Jay and his new bride are trying to... here's the thing, I don't even know, to be honest... but it looks like they're trying to take credit for "designing" a deck of playing cards for their wedding. But if you look closely at this instagram post, it's clear that deck is just some old Garfield playing cards. What are they thinking? The "One of Moons" isn't even a card!