April Fools!


oh my god...


I totally got you fuckers good. 

You guys were all like, "uh-duhr, duhr... look at this resolution before Congress to recognize magic as an art."

I made that up. It doesn't exist. "Eric Hogue" is a made up person. I took that picture from a royalty-free image source. "Wylie, Texas" doesn't exist. Copperfield is totally in on it. It was a goof that you all fell for!

So we can all forget about this now. It was an April Fools Day prank by me. And now that the day has passed we can let this go. I appreciate all the people who saw how funny it was -- an art form that is often seen as being full of desperate validation seekers, desperately seeking validation by asking for a resolution to be passed to recognize it as art -- and tweeted it and spread the word. But now we can stop doing that. Because whatever could possibly be gained by pushing this legislation through (this fake legislation that I completely made up), is wholly negated by the fact that we need to push it through in the first place.

Certainly the girl who says, "Tell me I'm pretty," doesn't really believe she is. And the person who is coerced into corroborating that statement doesn't believe it either. 

AND THAT'S WHAT MAKES THIS WHOLE THING FUNNY! It's my funny joke! Not a sad reality that reflects poorly on magic. So for all the laymen who saw this as pathetic and made comments to that effect online, what do you have to say now when you realize it was ALL A JOKE? Magicians are very confident that what they do is an art and certainly don't need congress to affirm that. I swear.