Beck and Card

Coming in the JAMM #3

Beck and Card

This is the best version of the ambitious card I've ever seen. I can say that because it's not my trick. 

This is definitely a more traditional performance piece and would fit perfectly into any walk-around/table-hopping situation where the normal ambitious card would work. 

Except it's not a normal ambitious card. In fact, while it's the structure of an ambitious card, the trick is not really about a card rising to the top of the deck over and over. 

Not only that, but incorporated in the trick is an almost unlimited potential for humor. With a table of four or more people you will often have to actively make sure things don't fly off the rails. 

And it leaves them with a uniquely signed card that literally every table will take and keep as a souvenir. 

Created 15 years ago by a friend of mine, and honed over 1000s of real-world performances by another, the details of this routine will be released here for the first time anywhere. 

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