Gardyloo #83

Some updates:

We have just under one month left in Season 3 of the Jerx. As initially stated, this season will end around Christmas. After that my focus will be on sending out the Season 3 rewards packages and completing the final X-Communication newsletter for this season. And then I’ll be figuring out how Season 4 is going to work. As I mentioned in this post, the site will be changing somewhat as we go into the next season. You can read the details about it there, and I’ll be sharing more info about the changes to come soon.

I was in NYC this past week. Part of that was for the testing on card controls which I’ve mentioned in the past. It will take some time to go through the results. My hope is to have a post written up on the results before Christmas.

I just received word yesterday that Book #2 is scheduled to be delivered to my distribution center (i.e., my friend’s garage) on New Year’s Eve. Deck #2 should be here in a couple weeks. And some of the props that go along with the book are rolling in as well. Unfortunately, one of the boxes which contains specially printed cards for one of the effects in the book is seemingly lost in the mail. It was supposed to be delivered a couple days ago. Now the USPS tracking info just shows “On route to its next destination,” but it hasn’t been scanned anywhere in days. Oh well. I’ll figure it out.

In last Friday’s post on the least essential magic products, I forgot to include the product that gave me the idea for such a list in the first place.

Friend of the site, Sean Maciel, wrote in to draw my attention to this indispensable product for the modern magician. The Playing Card Jean Bag.


The name doesn’t begin to describe how incredible this is. It’s a little bag for your playing cards that’s made out of jean material. Actually….no… I guess the name does kind of capture what you’re getting here.

I find the ad copy confusing…

Here's a way to "WOW" your audience even before they see your cards! Remove them from a cloth denim bag!

Why would this “wow” my audience?


Did they mean, “Here’s a way to ‘HUH’ your audience.” Because, “Huh, I guess that’s a thing,” seems to be a more likely response. Or maybe, “Wow… that’s stupid,” is what they were suggesting.

The sentence, “Remove them from a cloth denim bag,” should never end with an exclamation point. Even if you were like, “The guy showed me JFK’s missing brain and seven of the lost Imperial Faberge Eggs! And he removed them from a cloth denim bag!” The first thing someone would say would be, “Well, that second sentence shouldn’t have an exclamation point.”

Reader, KM, wrote in to ask how long Josh and Andi have been signing off their emails in this manner.


“With”? I have to admit I’m not familiar with this construction. What happened to “Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay”? I’ve gotten the “with” credit on things I’ve worked on when I haven’t been in the same room as the main writers. So it will be something like, “Written by X and Y with Andy.” But that’s for like real stuff, not an email marketing letter.

I’m just worried distance is coming between Andi and Josh. I’m scared. I don’t want anything to come between my magic daddies. I’m worrying the next emails will be signed, like:

By Andi Gladwin, with special guest, Joshua Jay

By Andi Gladwin, additional contributions by, Joshua Jay

An Andi Gladwin Joint. (Based on characters created by Joshua Jay.)

By Andi Gladwin. In loving memory of Joshua Jay.

Here’s an actual dumb Houdini quote.


The fuck are you talking about, Houdini?

The GLOMM Elite membership holiday special is back. You can send your loved ones to this link where they will receive one penny off the regular order price and I will throw in not one, but two pieces of tinsel in with your membership kit. The kit comes with the shirt, membership card, enamel pin, and two exclusive PDFs. Sizes are always very limited (since I only print a few in each size at a time), so if you’re interested, make sure your loved one places their order soon.

Should you become an elite member of the GLOMM? Sure, if nothing else then at least for the shirt. Look what an absolute vision our friend Jerri is in the shirt..


Now look what a total disgusting wreck she is outside of the shirt…


Now just imagine what it could do for you.

Speaking of “very limited,” I hope you weren’t interested in getting Flash Cash from Penguin magic. Or, if you are, I hope you’re prepared to rush over there and order soon. They only have 1181 units available.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.25.47 PM.png

Go get your copy now. You don’t want to be person 1182.