EoJJ Contest Update

One day left to get in your entries for the Exaltation of Joshua Jay contest. See the April 11th and April 23rd posts for details.

The prizes are a box full of Tenyo effects and a $100 gift certificate to Vanishing Inc.

Two quick updates:

Vanishing Inc is now officially sponsoring the contest and providing the gift certificate. Thanks to Josh and Andi.

Also—and this is for real—here is part of Josh’s recent email to me on the subject.

“So we'll sponsor the $100 gift card, and I'll include a high rez photo of any pose requested by the winner with their order.”

I’ve given him veto power on the “any pose” requested, although you can certainly take a shot with requesting one of these 33 Impossibly Sexy Boudoir Photo Poses.

Actually, I think the best idea would be to have him mimic a photo of you. So then you’ll have a photo of you posing as him and him posing as you.