Start Your Adventure!

Look at me, putting together the baggies that contain a couple of the props that go along with effects from The Jerx, Volume One. I'm a little cutie. 

I'm pretty psyched for you guys to get the book. The last I heard from the publishing company, the books should be arriving at my friend's place in upstate New York in early September. I will be driving up there from Pennsylvania at the same time to rendezvous with my friend (who is helping with the packing and shipping) and the books. Then I'll spend a few days getting everything ready to go. Then the books should start arriving in your mailboxes a few days after that. (In the US, at least. Hopefully not too much longer for international orders.)

I will be sending out an email soon to everyone who ordered the book. The email will link to a form that will ask you to verify the address I have for you, and it will ask you if you want me to inscribe the book, and... I think that's it. I won't be sending your book until you respond to that email. So don't dilly-dally. (But at the same time, don't jump the gun and send me an email now about that stuff. I'm trying to keep everything organized.)

Also, book buyers will be sent a link to a password protected page on this site that's going to have some supplementary information and may eventually have any additions/updates to the material in the book.

And, you'll be getting an ebook soon that describes a few other effects that use the functionality that's coming to the Jerx app, other than the effect in the book. This will be sent out when the new version of the app is released, which will coincide with when people start getting the book. I'll send it to everyone who ordered the book, even those of you who didn't request the app itself. It might make you say, "Fuck it, I'm getting an iPhone."