Magic is fun; We're dead

I love this commercial for the movie Magic. The movie was the inspiration for one of the tricks in The Jerx, Volume 1. And the poem in the ad gives that trick its name

This may be apocryphal but apparently this commercial only ran once and it scared kids so much, and parents complained so much, that it was taken off the air. I like to think that's true.

If you're a horror movie fan, there's a service called Shudder which is like Netflix but only for horror. It's $4.99 a month. And Magic is one of the movies in their library. They also have a link there for Shudder TV which is constantly streaming horror movies and it's free.

Speaking of horrors. This fucking mutant has been identified as David Drowley aka Twister the Clown. Rot in hell, old man. And you're out of the GLOMM.  

Oh, and going forward I will be including people's shitty magic names (e.g., Twister the Clown) with their real name on the banned members page of the GLOMM website. You're not going to dodge being associated with that name for eternity. 

Regarding "eternity," I was informed that one of the guys on the banned list died in prison recently. Tough. When you get banned from the GLOMM it's everlasting.

Thanks to Kamal "The Pedo Hunter" Farmer for going through the court records and tracking down the name of this guy.

I knew this looked familiar.

On Monday of last week, three people with Jerx Points over 50 were randomly selected and mailed a hand-written manuscript of my favorite impromptu trick called Mr. In-Between. They are the only three people who will ever have it, other than me. If you weren't drawn... don't worry, there will be other gifts and exclusives that will be coming the way of the Jerx Point noblesse. Make sure you keep me updated on any changes to your mailing address (assuming I have it on file from a paypal transaction) because I will likely send stuff out without warning.

Jerx Points are the newest and best way to quantify your worth as a human being.

I was asked the other day if someone could buy Jerx points. At first I was like, "No way. Can you buy love?" Jerx Points aren't a commercial enterprise for this site. They're just a way of identifying people with a similar weltanschauung. But I also like the concept that someone could pay for something so stupid. So yeah, you can buy them. They're $10 a piece. That's right. So if you want 15 Jerx Points, you can either destroy a copy of Erdnase or donate $150 to the site. Hey, it's your choice, moneybags.

New Jerx Point accumulating activities:

  • Donate $10 to the site: 1 Jerx Point
  • Add a link to the Global League of Magicians and Mentalists in your magic message board signature: 5 Jerx Points
  • Spend $30 or more at the Etsy store of Jerx artist laureate, Stasia Burrington. Send me an email with a copy of your receipt: 10 Jerx Points
  • Make a submission for the Global League of Magicians & Mentalists Poetry Recitation Jamboree on your twitter or youtube: 10 Jerx Points

The video must start with you giving your name and then saying, "And this is my entry for the Global League of Magicians and Mentalists 2016 Poetry Recitation Jamboree." Then you must recite the poem from the movie Magic in the ad above. 

I sit on his knee.

Presto chango,
and now he is me.

Hocus Pocus,
we take her to bed.

Magic is fun;
we're dead.

Additional points may be awarded for artistry.