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The Amateur at the Kitchen Table describes a set of precepts that, I believe, produce the strongest magic performances in casual, non-professional settings. However, the goal is not only to produce strong magic. The goal is to practice a philosophy of performing that spectators find natural and attractive, and eliminate those elements of amateur performing that often foster the belief of magic being hokey and magicians being weirdos.

This is, essentially, a 46-page essay. There are:

  • No tricks

  • No illustrations

  • Few jokes

While I've discussed some of the topics on this blog before, the book contains no material from this site. It's all new content.

If you ordered The Jerx, Volume One, you're already receiving this. 

If you didn't, and you're interested, you can click the button below. It's $22 shipped anywhere.

[Update - April 2019 - This is now sold out. A reprint may happen, but not anytime soon.]

The Jerx, Volume One is also shipping this week.

Once this week is over I will assess how many copies I have left, how many of those I need to last me the rest of my life, and how many are available to sell. At that point the price will probably go up a little bit. So if you definitely know you want a copy, order one this week (see link in the menu bar), or email me and let me know you plan to get it and I'll make sure to hold onto one for you at the current price.

Don't let this opportunity slip by or you'll never get a chance to assemble the complete library of modern magic classics.

I want to thanks my friends who have helped with the book launch. Especially Andy #2 who has essentially had his Paypal hijacked by this project all year, and Andy #3 who is helping with the packing and shipping. (I'm not being clever with the #2 and #3. This isn't like The Donnas where we've all adopted that name. We just all legitimately have the same first name, so it's confusing.)

Regular posting will resume later this week, once the bulk of these books have shipped.