This is Not a Post

This is just to say (where my William Carlos Williams fans at? Let me hear you! No? Damn, that's cold. So sweet and so cold.) that going forward, new posts will show up at 3am New York time. Why is that?

  1. I'm a night owl.
  2. The majority of my readers are in the US or England so putting up a post at that time means there will be something waiting for them in the morning, which is when many people go through their bookmarks/rss feeds.
  3. While there will likely be intermittent posts when warranted, now you know you can just check in once a day. I don't have advertisers to appeal to, I don't need page views from people checking in throughout the day looking for new posts.
  4. When I was a kid I always liked the idea of things going on, work being done, in the middle of the night. Where I'm from, Wegmans is the big grocery store, and they're open 24 hours. If I'd wake up in the middle of the night I'd think, "Someone is buying a can of Manwich right now." 

See you in a few hours.