Some Junk I Found

Here is some junk I found on the internet while working on some future posts.

Here's a guy who is trying to explain the concept of sin via the professor's nightmare trick. Because... why not? (Now, is he just trying to cram a patter over the top of a trick that it doesn't apply to? Or is it true that god doesn't differentiate between rapists and people who commit some minor sin? That's fucking moronic if that's the case. Yeah, I'll question god. And if he doesn't like it, may he strike me de

Damn, I died before I had a chance to close the parentheses.

Zach King with another nice illusion...

I was doing a google image search for "Joshua Jay" for something dumb I'm working on. If you do that search you get a surprising number of mugshots. But I think my favorite row of results that I came across was this one. (And I do mean came across.) 

I specifically like it because the third pic makes it look like he's miming a blowjob to the fourth pic.