Short and Sweet

I don't really use my twitter much. I already have this site as a place to speak my mind, and if I'm desperate for dull political opinions, I can get that in real life.

But I've decided to start using it more frequently. And, in the ultimate act of subversion, I will be using twitter to say nice things. 

Not in a sarcastic or insincere way.  Not even in clever way. And there is no ultimate payoff to this. I'm not setting you up for anything. So don't be like, "I can't wait to see where this goes!" It's not going anywhere.

So why are you doing it?

I don't know. Why did I pretend like I was doing native advertising for Old Gold cigarettes through the month of December? I follow my whims.

Are you interested in The Jerx, Volume One? If so, I would get on that soon. One way or the other they will be gone by the end of February. (I'll either have sold out or I'll take the few that remain to keep for myself.)

But what will my wife say, if I spend $300 on a magic book?

The bigger question is, what will she say 20 years from now when she finds out you could have bought the book that redefined magic—of which only a couple hundred were printed—in its first and only edition for a scant $300? She probably won't say anything. She'll just punch you straight in the jaw. And you'll deserve it.