Dustings of Woofle #2

I’m in NYC for the next few days doing focus-group testing. Most of it is related to misdirection. We’re also testing if using a torn-corner to mark a card (or bill) is significantly better or worse than having it signed. It seems to me most people think the torn corner is the “weaker” option, and I always just assumed that as well, but I don’t know why it seems that way. And we’re finishing up some of the card-to-wallet stuff (palm vs. no palm) we started last year. All the results of this stuff will be relayed to supporters in some manner over the next year.

Good news, everyone. Your dad got a job writing for Pete Firman.

Sure, I’ve got a concept for you. It’s called Chris Ramsay Presents… Crowdsource My Show: I’m Out of Ideas, The Chris Ramsay Story, Season One “The Fuck Do I Do Now?”

Alternatively you should remake Bewitched, but as a reality show. And she’s trans.

Look at this beautiful post from Joshua Jay’s wife, Anna. What a thoughtful, lovely post that certainly doesn’t make me feel guilty about anything at all.

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Our love story isn’t perfect. It’s not always the fairytale that our photos make it appear. We had to fight for it over the last ten years. We broke up, and disagreed, and moved away…but eventually we found our way back together because nothing else, and no one else, made sense. It started with bad timing. I was a college student about to move to France, and he was a professional magician, leaving for a month-long tour through Japan. But we found ourselves huddled on his couch in Manhattan, in the midst of a party, unable to stop talking and sharing our dreams. I’d later learn he’d orchestrated the whole evening just to meet me. A gathering of his friends: sword swallowers, fire eaters, mind-readers and contortionists. My own personal circus, and that night I decided to join. We had a week and spent every minute of it together; exploring art museums, sipping cocktails from teacups in speakeasys, stealing kisses in the back of taxis, and staying up ‘til dawn talking about the places we wanted to go together. But we had to spend months a year apart while he toured performing magic, and my job moved me to London. The distance was detrimental, so we did something crazy. I quit my job. I moved out of my apartment. I gave up everything I’d worked for because I found a new dream. We decided to work & travel together, a giant leap of faith we took and never looked back. We left for a four-month tour of the world, every day a different city, a new hotel, another train ride. We lived in a state of jet lag, exhaustion, and complete exhilaration. Four months turned to eight, and then a year, and now ten years into our love story, the only way to tell it is to say that we fell in love sharing magic all over the world. Travel is what brings us closer: Driving across America for months in a Honda Civic, hiking through Tikal in the rain, tracking tigers in India, sharing a card trick with the Masai. But our greatest adventure is each other. We’ve become partners in everything, and when you live and work and love together, you can’t break a bond that strong ❤️ @qatarairways @passionpassport this flight would be a new chapter in our never-ending love story #pploveintheair

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My first presentational idea for the Make It Rain effect posted on Monday was this…

“I come from a long line of strippers. My mother was a stripper, her mother, and her mother’s mother. The same goes for my father’s mother and grandmother. Our family crest is a boobie and a c-section scar. One of the skills that all great strippers have is the ability to identify the amount and denomination of bills that are being tossed on the stage. You don’t want to waste time rubbing your vulva in the face of a guy who is just giving up a single. But at the same time you don’t want to pause your act to carefully examine all the money coming in. It’s a valuable skill to be able to identify the most lucrative area of the crowd to focus your attention on. And, via evolution, natural selection, or whatever, I have this skill as well. In fact, I’m something of a savant at it. Anyone can learn to identify one bill coming at them. I can identify them en masse. Here’s what I want you to do. I’m going to strip over on this side of the stage, and I’d like you to tip me in that box over there. 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s. Whatever you’ve got. And at the end I want this person there to open the box and toss all the money at me my naked body.”


In fact—and I’m being 100% serious now—if there’s a stripper out there who includes magic in their act, I think this would make a great, and profitable routine.