Gardyloo #25

I got this email the other day. I'm very tempted to take them up on their offer.

I consulted the "team at Thejerx" and we're pretty much all for it. They write the content and pay us for it? Deal. If I had some idea what a reasonable price to ask for would be, I'd do it. I'm just curious to see the article they'd write. I'd fully expect it to be some dull generic bullshit about DraftKings or whatever. But maybe they'd surprise us all with a multi-phase prediction routine using sports betting, with a theme about the nature of risk that really makes people reassess their lives and puts everything I've ever written to shame. Well... keep an eye out for it. They're probably not huge fans of me preemptively telling you about it. Or referring to it as likely being "dull generic bullshit," but who know.

And, in the future, if there's ever a post you don't particularly like, just realize it's probably the doing of DigitalContentZone.

As I suspected might happen, Penguin has removed the download I mentioned in the Smurf Job post a couple days back. 

But don't worry, there is a six-page review of this effect in the JAMM coming out tomorrow. That's right, six-pages. I went all Jamy Ian Swiss on a single completely inconsequential effect from a $4 download. After you read that you'll have a good idea of what the effect entailed and why I'll never perform it again.

Magic in the Media!

You know I always like to see how magic is portrayed in television and film. 

Now, this example isn't strictly an example of magic, but our sister art hypnosis.

The May 10th episode of Law and Order SVU, entitled Spellbound, featured a hypnotist! How exciting. I'm going to watch it right now. I can't wait to see how this hypnotist factors into the story. Do they bring him in to help crack a case? Does he peer into someone's mind to find details that bring a murderer to justice?

I'm going to watch it and find out!



Okay. He raped women using hypnosis and NLP.  That seems about right.

If you have Netflix and are into MST3K at all, the new season features a movie called The Time Travelers from 1964. There are a lot of magic tricks in the film presented in the manner of special effects. It's pretty amusing to watch them shoe-horn tricks in that don't really relate to the plot. Check it out if that's your thing.

My pal and JV1 illustrator, Stasia Burrington released her full 78-card tarot deck recently. I have one and it's the balls. I highly recommend picking one up.

I also really love these circus posters below. The original artwork is for sale in her etsy shop.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 9.30.21 PM.png