Sundry Drive No. 4

In regards to my post about the song that opens the L&L DVDs, I received this informative and oddly capitalized email from G.S.:

You are damn right with the Music. The Music is from a German Guy called James Last he died This Year. This music was also the Background Music of a German Comedy Show. And After James Last died they thanked him and Said that without His Music the Show would not have Been that funny!

Now I just need to find out the exact name of the song. It would be perfect for my sex-mix. 

Speaking of my sex-mix...

I used to do a trick where I wore a blue t-shirt and across the front it said, "This Shirt is Red." When someone would say, "No it's not." I'd turn my back to them and say, "Not even on the back?" They'd say no, and when I turned back around my shirt would be red and it would say, "Yes It Is" across the front.

This was how I would do Dresscode by Calen Morelli.

I always wish this guy hadn't been videotaping this practice session. I wish he had just spent the rest of his life believing that for one moment in time the laws of the universe were suspended and that manifested itself in the cups and balls becoming real.

Working on the casting for my Siegfried and Roy biopic.

Here's a pic I thought better of using for one of this week's posts. Can you guess which one? Put on your thinking caps!