Book Report - 1/28

[Normally I remove these when I put the next one up, but that picture of Josh Jay makes me laugh so I'm keeping this one.]

I'll be honest, these updates are to keep myself on track as much as to keep everyone else informed. I was the type of student who waited until the last minute to write everything and would end up with good grades only because my writing was entertaining, not because my papers were any good . So it's important to me to stay on track with such a big project.

For some reason, in magic --and maybe this is true in other fields as well and I just don't know about it-- there is an almost tolerated practice of taking money and then not delivering a product for years after the date it was promised. People were waiting on Jeff Busby to produce the last seven issues of the Braue Notebooks they paid for for like 30 years. And now he's dead! So if you're still running out to the mailbox everyday for your Braue Notebooks... I hate to break it to you... I don't think they're coming. 

My point being, I'm dead set on this book coming out in a reasonable time frame and these posts are intended to serve as mile markers towards that destination.

Today's Work:

  • 1st draft of chapter on the U___ Y___ Ploy. Plots the evolution of magician's choice between two objects and provides a fairly unassailable 3rd-wave option for such situations.
  • Outlined chapter on the effect Narrow Your Eyes - my presentation and handling for the Hoy book test.
  • Researched fonts and typefaces for the book. 
  • Took this pic of Joshua Jay at a recent Cleveland Cavaliers game and added that hat to his Magic Atlas book cover pic. This has nothing to do with the Jerx book, of course, other than the relationship that all procrastination has to the project being avoided.