Checking In

Magic for Young Lovers is now sold out. I have a few extra I held onto just in case my accounting in regards to how many I needed was off in some way. If those end up not being needed then they will be included in the Latecomer’s Package. Which is everything I ever released in one package for people who found this site after these things had been released. There are only a few of these packages available, because there are only a few of the items within the package available.

Season 4 will start in early-mid-ish February. An exact date will be announced here soon.

The Season 4 reward/bonuses won’t be discussed much here, as discussed in this post.

If I don’t come back for Season 4, it may be because the FBI is monitoring my emails and they notice a lot of suspicious activity and discussion in regards to known sex offenders. This is because every time some magician diddles a cub scout my email lights up like a pinball machine with people letting me know.

So just so we’re all aware… yes, I know that magician David Oliver was arrested for sexually assaulting three boys.

Here’s David Oliver (real name David Hussey) at his arraignment.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 12.59.38 AM.png

I know what everyone is thinking… “Here’s another celebrity pretty-boy who feels he can take whatever he wants just because he’s a hot piece of beefcake.”

The accusations seem to come from multiple sources and according to one article:

The report says Hussey (David Oliver) was told of the allegations while in the hospital this September. A friend of Hussey’s, who was there at the time, told police he was “visibly upset” and that Hussey told her “I may have done something inappropriate.”

So while I’ll withhold my judgement until all the details are out… that doesn’t sound good.

It’s upsetting. Almost as upsetting is the fact that this is what it looks like after getting treated for skin cancer, apparently.


Couldn’t we invent like a gauze beanie or something? Is that really the best our modern medical treatment has to offer? Slap a couple tampons on his head and send him out the door?

Well, this is an awkward transition, but a few weeks back I recommended playing a little game with yourself where you imagine all the quotes in Penguin’s promotional emails are from people talking about their dicks after getting plastic surgery to make them bigger.

I missed this one originally, but a friend forwarded me the email for an effect called Gone Fishin’, which featured a bunch of quotes from satisfied recipients of penile enlargement surgery…

"Breathtaking. In the right hands it can be a miracle. I love it." -Marc Salem

"A miniature masterpiece" -M Bean

"This left my wife and daughter SPEECHLESS." -Dave Medeiros

Ah yes, there’s that typical high-quality sort of magic writing I’m known for.

Hope you’re all well. I’ll check in again soon. Enjoy the book.