Sundry Drive No. 15

We've all seen the disturbing before and after images of heroin addiction, which is why I was quite disturbed when Connor Jacobs wrote in to bring Thom Peterson's Penguin Live portrait to my attention.

Why on earth Penguin would think it's appropriate or responsible to include drug paraphernalia in the image is beyond me. But what's even sadder is to see how Thom has deteriorated in the short while since this lecture occurred.

I watched Casshan Wallace's At The Table lecture earlier this week and it was definitely one of my favorite ones so far. I wasn't too familiar with Casshan, other than his effect Melting Point, so I want to bring him to your attention if you haven't followed his stuff either. His lecture is more of a collection of ideas than, like, hyper-polished routines. But I actually prefer that sort of lecture. One of my favorite things he taught was this ungimmicked, impromptu card change in the pocket.

His youtube channel has some great stuff and is criminally under-watched. I like when anyone challenges themselves to come up with tricks in a certain amount of time. Casshan had one project on his youtube channel where, for a month, he was trying to come up with a trick a day.

Then he went completely off the rails and challenged himself to come up with a new trick, every hour, for a full day (and to film and upload them to youtube within the hour). Yeah, some of the ideas are sort of half-baked, but so what? I like seeing magic ideas in their embryonic state. 

I always feel like we should do a better job supporting creativity in magic, so I hope you'll check out Cash's youtube channel. I want this guy to stick around and keep inventing new stuff because if this is what he's coming up with at 19, I can't wait to see him with another 10 years of creating under his belt. 

As per the Distracted Artist presentation, here's a dog I "absent-mindedly" folded while getting lunch with a friend. "That's awesome!" she said.

"Huh? What is?" 

"That dog."

"Where?" I look at the bill. "Oh, this? Hmmm.... I don't see it." I'm holding it upside-down. Then I turn it over. "Ah, okay, yeah now I can kind of see it."

Get yourself one of those new extra-bright D'lites. Then, the next time you're going down on a woman (You know, if you save up enough money for it or something) in a dimly lit room, gently slide it inside of her on one of your fingers and leave it in there. Then pull back a little and calmly say, "Huh, this is weird." Don't fucking alarm her, for god's sake. She's in a vulnerable position. She will prop herself up on her elbows and look down at you. "Look what happens when I touch you right here," you say and then put your finger inside her and inside the D'lite and she will see light come pouring out of her vagina. "Is that your g-spot or something?" you say, innocently.