Li'l Andy is Back!

Those of you who were readers in the MCJ days might remember my 3-year-old son, Li'l Andy, who would take over the writing of that blog when I was too busy. Yes, much like when Billy fills in for his father on the Family Circus.

Well, Li'l Andy is somehow still three, and he's giving me the day off as a father's day gift, the little sweetheart. Enjoy his comically skewed take on magic.

Li'l Andy's Da Jurx

Waddup mommyfukkers///// oops dats not a qwestyin mark. me forgot to hit shift key. Is yu reddy for my comeggly skewd take on magic? 

Red Mint - Me think this trik is byootiful. But whut is last line of instruggshins? "Run as fast as yu can da udder way"? Becuz dont peeple just say "lemme see that"? Dats wut I wood say. Dats wut my frends wood say. Peeple who make triks no have frends?

Joshewa Jay - Get well sewn!! Joshewa is grate guy, frend of dis site, and he also rote da best introduckery magic book prety much ever. Hope his hand heel sewn. Espeshally sinse he had devestating hand injery a fyew yeers ago. But me think he will be bak shufflin aggen soon. Becuz he no take da hint. God obbyously wants you to take up a more cereebral, less dextarity-centric hobby joshewa! Feel free to ignor his wornings but expect a thresher agsident in 2016.

Maverik - Get reddy to be disapointed!!! Rus Andrews is cuming owt wid a new trik. If yu tink it will look anyting like it duz in da youtoob vid, yu dummer than I thot. Yu shood famillyerize yorself with changeling fiasko. Rus no like fooling spectaters. Rus like fooling magishins. He been lying to magishins sinse I was a tikkle in my daddys underpants. No way dis demo looks like da reel effect. Rus will say it looks like what da spectater remembers. But troof is he not the tipe of performer spectaters remember at all.