My Buddy

I hope this post puts to rest the idea that Steve Brooks has any issue with me or this site. Steve loves this site. He reads it everyday. Do I bust his balls? Yeah, I bust his balls. That's exactly what you do with your buddies! Steve is a pal. 

Okay, Andy, well we have your word for that, but how do we know how Steve really feels?

Goddammit, ItalicsVoice! Why won't you ever take my word on anything?

You know I don't need to prove anything to you. This isn't going to be a very fun blog for me to write if I need to constantly be proving things.

But okay, okay. Here's your proof. Here's a picture of my buddy, Steve, signing my program last week at MAGIC Live.

And what did he write in it?

Did you get that, dummies? All his best. All of it. With an exclamation point. Does that sound like somebody who has a problem with me or what I'm doing? No. It sounds like just the opposite. It sounds like someone who's being very encouraging towards me and this site. Which is exactly what I would expect from my friend, Steve. So take whatever doubt you may have about our friendship and cram it up your buttholes, bitches.