This Really Burns My Ass

Listen, I get it that independent invention happens, and that when people fail to do their due diligence they often end up releasing something that someone else has been doing for ages, but I don't think that's what happened here. I think I've been straight-up ripped off.

Andi Gladwin alerted me to this effect that Dominique Duvivier has tried to claim as his own.

Uhm... excuse me?

Dominique, you know this is mine. Oh my god... I'm so fucking frustrated I can hardly write this post. 

Sorry, It's just that I'm kind of known for this effect. I've spent years perfecting it. This is such a powerful effect. It really gets the audience to sit-up and take notice. 

I was working with Dan and Dave and the guys from Brazzers to come up with a whole limited edition set devoted to this. But now it's like, why even bother? Not that I think Dominique has even come close to examining this plot the way I have.

A lot of people think it's just a one-on-one effect, or only good for a webcam or something, but I have versions I do for 500 people (in my Tijuana stage show).

I can do it impromptu. People often ask of a trick, "Can you do that naked on a beach?" Uhm, yeah, I can. It's probably easier that way to be honest. 

It packs small but plays big.

I have a great presentation for Christian magicians about how you have to relax and just allow the Holy Spirit to get inside you; don't fight it.

This is what Michael Close would call a "worker," what Greg Wilson would refer to as my "1000 timer."

I even have a version where the spectator gets to become the magician.

I know a guy who got a tv special just by performing this for the head of the network. (And taking pictures and threatening to send them to his wife.)

Sometimes I combine it with an Axtell bird arm illusion for a fun bit of puppetry.

It's probably the best opener there is.

Okay, that's it, I'm not going to let this blatant act of thievery prevent me from performing my signature trick. I will release this, and you guys are going to love it. It gets the best reactions. Sometimes it gets screams, but other times it just gets stunned silence. But either way, the look of surprise on people's faces is priceless.