Sundry Drive No. 7

Dear Murphy's Magic,

In your At The Table lectures, instead of saying, "Let's take a skype call," you should say, "Let's bring everything to a screeching halt." Because that tends to be what happens. I don't need to see more ugly magicians try to manage the 2-second delay. If we need video questions (we don't) then have them cram that shit into a Vine.

Well I can only see one possible explanation. The trick is just too powerful! Do we just expect humanity to watch that and then be able to...what, exactly?... just go to work the next morning as if nothing has changed? Don't be naive. That footage is going to end up in a vault somewhere with the alien autopsy video, the Steve Brooks sex-tape, and other things the world just isn't ready for yet.

The Ogma cards by Skulkor are pretty trippy to begin with. I've been combining them with Greg Wilson's Revolution to hopefully either get someone to vomit or assassinate a senator or something.

Jack Shalom wrote an all too kind post on his blog about this site yesterday. I want to thank him for that. I also want thank Intensely Magic and Bizzaro for their posts about the site as well. And to those of you who post about it on twitter, message boards, reddit, and facebook. I don't know who is writing about me on facebook, but someone sends crazy amounts of traffic this way. Also, Bizzaro deserves special commendation for keeping that damn blog of his going since 2003. That's like me keeping this site going until 2027. That's when Children of Men takes place. I can't see me writing this site during Children of Men time.

The only way to improve the Repeat Bill in Lemon is to do the trick two less times.

Guys, we're living in a post-Bill to Vagina world, surely you can come up with something better than putting a bill in a lemon.

Seriously, I know you all love bill in lemon, but trust me, we will one day look back upon this meaningless effect the way we look back on the historical treatment of African-Americans, or the practice of chaining the mentally handicapped to a radiator in the basement for their entire lives. We'll be looking in the mirrors, lips-trembling, saying, "I can't believe I used to do that. I can't believe I was that monster."

That tricks sucks.