Loose Ends

The Brooksies - Also known as The Magic Cafe Golden Idiot awards. These will still likely happen someday. I just have less interest in general in writing about the Magic Cafe these days. But I do have a bunch of emails full of nominations and will continue taking them whenever people want to send them along. The Cafe as a topic is what we call an "evergreen." 

Friends of The Jerx - You will start seeing posts labelled this in the near future. These posts are highlighting something that someone who donated to the site has asked me to write about. These aren't quite ads or sponsored posts, really, because I'm going to be the person writing them. And the person who donated has no input, other than the subject matter to be covered. Some people aren't even offering a product or service, they just want me to write about something. My hope would be that if someone is offering a product, and they support this site, that you, in turn, would take the time to check out what they have to offer. This is not about looking at everything in terms of producers, consumers, and advertising. This is about uncovering a community of like-minded people and presenting them the opportunity to not only support this site, but also each other. 

Speaking of which, be sure and sign up for The Jerx Convention 2016.

Project 8X - This is my big super-secret personal project I alluded to a couple months back. It originally started as a halloween-related project, but it has evolved beyond that, into something that I hopefully will be able to extend for a couple months. I can't say too much because a couple people who are affected by it are readers of this site. I will definitely tell the story eventually. If nothing else it will likely be the last chapter in the hardcover book. If this project works as I hope, it will be one of the greatest magic stories of all time. How do I know? Well look, I've heard that story about Max Malini producing a block of ice a couple dozen times in my life, and that's just a story about a guy sitting around with a block of ice on him over the course of an evening. That's one of our greatest anecdotes? I mean, I get that it's a nice story about being willing to prepare and wait around, and we're not sure exactly how he did it. But it's not like sitting around with a block of ice on you for 90 minutes is some huge investment of time or energy. It's only slightly more difficult than sitting around without a block of ice on you. At best it requires a modicum of dedication.

It reminds me of that song, Groovy Situation, by Gene Chandler.

Hmmm... that Side 1 track list tells a pretty sad story.

But getting to the lyrics of "Groovy Situation."

That girl I'm gonna make her mine
If it takes all night
Can you dig it
Can you dig it
Can you dig it
Can you dig it

Oh, I can "dig it," Gene. You're so crazy about this girl that you're willing to invest "all night" in wooing her. You're a true romantic. A whole evening? Gee, she must be really special. How honored she must be that you'll devote a whole few hours to her seduction. 

Tell me, Gene, would you say this is "true love" or do you just want to see that booty clap?

I thought so.