Hurricane Andrew

Not much time to post today. I was spending my free time this evening working on the book. An update on that will be coming soon. 

I just wrote an email to a reader of this site who was complaining that he felt a recent magic book that was widely acclaimed wasn't really all that great. Here's the thing, people, this site is going to spoil you. Yes, yes, I know my ideas are brilliant and unparalleled and represent a paradigm shift in the presentation of magic and are at least 25 years ahead of their time. And okay, so maybe my writing is funny and charming and, at times, insightful in a way that is very rare in our art. And yeah, I'm probably good with kids, animals, and the elderly; a friend to the downtrodden; and a generous, skilled, and well-hung lover. Sure, maybe all that's true. I'm not going to argue with any of these things you want to say about me. The downside of all of that is, of course, that when you're not here -- in these strong arms -- other magic writing and ideas can seem dull and grey.

I'm sorry about that. I will do my best to tone it down some. I promise tomorrow's post will be so astronomically stupid that it will hopefully take me down a notch or two in your eyes (and therefore bring everyone else up, relatively). I know you're thinking, "Take you down a few notches? Like you can put a dimmer switch on a supernova?" Look, let me at least try. 

But I have to be honest with you, on Friday I'm going to present you with a Tomas Blomberg effect from his book Blomberg Laboratories, and I'll tell the story of how I took this great idea and made it a transcendent one by putting it in the perfect context. And then we'll be right back where we started from. I'm sorry.