These Penguin Live Lectures Are Really Going Downhill

Steve Brooks LIVE 

"Steve Brooks is a really cool guy." - Brad Burt

"Steve, there are no more breadsticks. You have to leave. We're trying to close." - The Olive Garden

"Steve...I do like. I'll...fuck...him and screw...the guy for sport. Most of the areas of the Cafe devoted to his opinions have been... pretty entertaining." -

What will he teach?

The 42-Card Trick - The 21-Card Trick is a classic for a reason, but did you ever wonder if you could perform it for two people at once? Well, wonder no more. Steve has done the math and come up with this brain-melting version of the classic effect. We suggest wrapping your head in a dental dam before watching this one because Steve's about to fuck your mind.

A discussion about the next evolution of high-end magic products - Based on the success(?) of his Tenyo Elite line, Steve is bringing his "touch of class" to another magic brand. Hear about the trials and tribulations Steve faced as he brought his version of the Criss Angel Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit to market. Made only of rhino horn, Californium 252, and antimatter, this magic kit is for those who will accept nothing less than what Steve Brooks stands for: absolute luxury.

The Three Paper-Clip Trick - You know that trick where you put two paper-clips on a folded dollar bill and pull the ends and they link together? Well, what if you tried that with three paper clips! Hold on... fuck... no, that doesn't work at all. Never mind. Look, I'm sure he'll come up with some other effects before the lecture rolls around.

A sneak-peek at the next playing card design coming to your Magic Cafe PM box - What happens when a drifter, high on bath salts, takes a rotting fetus from the medical waste dumpster of an abortion clinic and uses a water-balloon launcher to shoot it at a stucco wall? You get the hot new back design for Foet, the coolest new deck you won't be able to wait to use for magic, flourishing, or teaching the dangers of unprotected sex.

Who is he?

What do you mean? He's Steve Brooks. He created The Magic Cafe, for one. And then there's... well, there are all sorts of other accomplishments. It's almost silly to have to list them all. 

Oh! He was behind that rubber bendy coin that everyone was disappointed with. 

Let's see... well, he created The Magic Cafe. I already mentioned that? Ok, well, so be it. But look, the Cafe is genuinely one of the best magic resources on the internet. Yes, it's also one of the biggest dumps on the internet too, but just imagine it like your town decided to make it so the sludge from it's sewage treatment center was pumped straight into the public library. That's essentially the system we have going on at the Cafe. It's almost too accurate to even be considered an analogy.

Oh, Steve was also the first person to put a Hot Pocket between two slices of pizza and eat it like a sandwich.