I found this trick on Vanishing Inc. the other day called 5,000,000 to 1.

Let's get this straight

They start off by naming any number between 1 and 5,000,000.


Then that number is used to determine 1 of 5 ESP symbols.


And then you show you predicted the correct ESP symbol.

5,000,000 to one odds!

And all for a mere $55.00. A steal at 5,000,000 times the price!

If you like that effect. You'll love this one. It's a trillion to one prediction.

Trillion to One

Step 1: Ask your spectator to think of any number from 1 to a trillion.

Step 2: Say, "If it's an even number, place this coin on the table heads-side up. If it's an odd number, place this on the table tails-side up."

Step 3: "Now count up to your number, turning the coin over once for every number you count."

Step 4: When they're done, pull out a jumbo coin, head-side up and say, "Does this match the one in a trillion outcome of the events that just occurred?" 

  • The performer is 100% correct
  • Not a gimmicked coin
  • It's easy to do

And guess what, my babies... not only is it easy to do, it's completely self working so you can focus 100% on presentation! The coin will always be heads-side up due to a mathematical principle too complicated for you to understand.

What I like to do is have a funny quip or one-liner for every number as the spectator counts their way up.


"One? What is this... a Three Dog Night concert? Your voice is in fine form tonight, Chuck Negron!"


"Be or not to be? We got a regular Hamlet over here!"


"Dog Night? What are you going to do... sing their hit song, 'One'?"


"Hey, buddy. You golf on your own time! I'm showing a magic trick here! [pause for laughter]" 

All the way up to whatever their number might be. For example:


"2,357,424,081! What are we talking about here? The number of seconds founding member of Three Dog Night, Cory Wells lived in his lifetime? Hey buddy, get your head in the game! We're doing a magic trick!"

All these fun lines and more can be found in my book THRILLionaire: A Trillion Quips, Gags, Japes & Jests to Thrill ANY Audience with Wit and Wisdom, for the Gentleman Conjuror.

One more great tip: When you hold up the jumbo coin at the end, make sure to bring it up to eye level so everyone will associate the trick with your face when they look back and consider this 1 in a trillion miracle.

You're welcome!