This site has now been running with daily posts for 100 straight days. You all owe me big time.

People often email me asking what my plan is with the site and if I'm going to keep posting on this schedule. When I started this site I had a backlog of 80 topics I wanted to get to. It is now 100 days later and I have a backlog of 126 topics. The site itself is kind of self-perpetuating. I'm always finding something new to write about in magic and I every time I write up an effect or presentation I think of two new ones. So you can expect daily posts to continue for as long as I have the time to write this site. (It's time, not content, that will be in short supply eventually. Unless Ellusionist or somebody wises up and hires me on full-time as a blogger to create content for their site. I can do it, Brad Christian! We'll invert the colors on this site, making it mostly black. And put some cool skulls over the cats faces. And I'll be the guy at the beginning of demos to say stuff like, "Hi, I'm the Jerx, and this... is Cum-Stain," and then I'll kind of cover the lens with the palm of my hand as if I just don't give a shit, cause I'm a total badass. Of course for this specific example you'll need a trick called Cum-Stain. Maybe a trick where you slide a cum-stain around on your shirt or something? And then you slide it off your shirt and onto your spectator's shirt. And then she slaps the shit out of you? I'm just spitballing here. Wait, wait... "I'm the Jerx, and this... is Spitball." See? I'm a natural.)

Okay everyone, see you at 101.