MCJ Advent Calendar - Day Five - MAO

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I always like to push my creativity to its very limits. It seems to me sometimes that our definition of magic is too limited. We consider magic to be manipulating cards or coins or thoughts or whatever to produce something that replicates the impossible. Recently I have expanded my interests into another area that I consider to be just as magical as anything Copperfield can do. Obviously what I'm talking about here is the magic of photography.

This brings me to my new project. What I do is I bring famous magicians to my apartment. I offer them a few cocktails or some cocaine to loosen them up a bit. Then I bring them into a room in my apartment called The Pornucopia and they are allowed to choose from a wide assortment of magazines, videos, scented oils, and dildos. After that we retire to my studio where they proceed to "have a go" at themselves. While this is going on I may rub their feet or feed them grapes. Or, very occasionally, I will provide some manual or oral stimulation (all for the sake of my art). Then as they are reaching their climax I rush behind my camera to take pictures of these master magicians.

It is my opinion that in these moments of sweet release we are nearest to God and I am determined to have a photographic record of magicians in this state. Some of you, no doubt, will find this a filthy and hedonistic project. Understand something: This is not pornography, I am only taking pictures of these great men's faces, not their gushing genitals. Perhaps you still consider this to be indecent, if so I can only say that I pity you. Two of the most wonderful things in the world are magic and ejaculation; all I've done is combine them. 

I have a large coffee-table book devoted to these images that's being published by Simon and Schuster and should be out in time for Christmas. For now, let me offer you this preview of the book that will be called...

Magicians At Orgasm

Uri Geller

Obie O'Brien

Oz Pearlman

Jay Sankey

David Regal