Gardyloo #1

Hey guys, what's your favorite song about fucking your lady on a hayride after your mom suggests that might be a fun activity?

Mine is probably this one:

Dear Steve Brooks,

I think you accidentally deleted a thread about this site off the Magic Cafe. Joe Mckay wrote the embarrassingly complimentary post below in the Latest and Greatest section, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. Any idea what could have happened? Maybe one of your staff members was a little over-zealous and thought you were so delicate that you couldn't withstand some gentle teasing (even though I haven't really mentioned you at all in months.) Maybe someone got mad that all the responses to the post were positive? I'm sure you didn't delete the thread. You're not that much of a puss. 

I say you put the thread back up as a gesture to people that there are no hard feelings between us and that you're perfectly capable of taking a joke. You don't need to censor things; you're not a baby. I mean, I'd happily post anything you wanted me to here, unedited and unannotated. I ain't scurred. Or, maybe I've got you all wrong, maybe you want our old antagonistic relationship back. If so, don't put that thread back and I'll take that as my cue. I'm a nice guy and I want to indulge you with whatever type of relationship you want. Frankly, for me, it's better to be viewed as the guy whose site you can't mention on the Cafe. You're just helping my brand. So don't do it for my sake. Do it for your sake. (Unless you think there's something flattering about being perceived as someone who deletes posts just because he doesn't like the subject matter.)

I'm finalizing the first installment of X-Communication, the email newsletter that goes out to people who ordered the book during the initial donation period or who have signed up for a monthly donation here. The newsletter will consist of reviews and presentational ideas I have for (mostly) new products. There will be just a few reviews each month but that's because I really only want to write about things that I've performed for people, that have been performed for me, or that I've seen a friend perform live. 

The first installment is written and you should get it before Thanksgiving. I'm just trying to determine the best way to send it and present it; whether as a pdf, a normal email, or via some newsletter service. If any of you who will be receiving it have a preference, let me know. 

Originally I had planned to make it look like one of those xeroxed magic publications from the mid-80s. But I think I nailed the style a little too well, to the point where it's annoying to read. I'll probably go with something more straightforward when it comes time to actually send it out.