Taking a Dump

Sometimes I'll think I have some great idea for something, and I'll write down a phrase or save a picture to a folder for "ideas" and then I'll go back later and be like, "What the fudge were you thinking about?" At some point I had big plans for these ideas but they just couldn't hack it. I just consider this survival of the fittest in regards to ideas. If I can't remember what it was, how great could it have been?

In today's ad post I'm going to dump some of these words and images here. Perhaps you'll consider supporting this site so more ideas don't turn into hungry orphans? In return you'll get a 20+ page ebook every month in the style of a magazine called The JAMM. Plus you'll receive the Jerx deck of cards later this year. And a couple other little bonuses to come. Plus I'll think you're a cool guy (or a super cool chick).

"Card-Toon but in Reverse"


"Flipping Business Card" 

(Sadly, I remember that was a pretty good idea. Just not what the idea was.)


I think I wanted to use this for a trick. Or maybe it was just for my "personal" shopping list. I don't recall now

That's the foot of the girl behind him. I'm not sure what I thought this had to do with magic.

"A Bank Nite type effect where you drop the letters, addressed to your grandma, in a USPS mailbox. Four of the envelopes contain sweet letters. The fifth contains a picture of you fucking a dog."

Actually, that's a pretty well fleshed out effect.